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Healthy BoundariesHealthy FriendshipsPeer Support May 2022

Slide01Healthy BoundariesHealthy FriendshipsPeer Support May 2022 Slide02What are boundaries?Personal Boundaries are rules and limits we set for how we interact with others including how much we give or take in interactions.They are also an invisible line between ourselves and other people. They keep us from losing our sense of self among others and knowing whoContinue reading “Healthy BoundariesHealthy FriendshipsPeer Support May 2022”

The Reason I Jump

#AccessibleMedia Slide01The Reason I JumpMedia Review AccessibleMedia The Reason I Jump 2020 Vulcan Productions, Inc., The British Film Institute,Picturehouse Entertainment Director: Jerry RothwellImage Shows: A film poster for ‘The Reason I Jump’. On the poster a young boy with dark hair looks up and to the left against a glowing orange and blue sky. Slide02OriginsTheContinue reading “The Reason I Jump”

Did Grunya Sukhareva Discover Autism?

#AccessibleAcademia Slide01Did Grunya Sukhareva Discover Autism? Slide 02The Short Answer: NoAutism has always been a part of human diversity*.But various people have taken credit for first describing and categorising us medically. *Autistic author Temple Grandin suggests that only autistic people have the stamina for repetition and abstract thought necessary for humans to invent stone toolsContinue reading “Did Grunya Sukhareva Discover Autism?”

Welcome to Autistic Nottingham

We are (as far as we know) the UK’s only 100% Autistic led Autism charity. This means that all of our Trustees and all of our Management are diagnosed Autistic adults without intellectual disabilities.

When we say “without intellectual disabilities” we are talking about Autistic people who may have previously been diagnosed with “Asperger’s” or “High Functioning Autism”. As a charity, we want to be as accurate as possible in describing our beneficiaries and try to stay as Autism positive in the language we use. We don’t describe our beneficiaries as having “Asperger’s” because this diagnosis stopped being used many years ago (but we respect those who will to identify as such). We also do not use “functioning” labels, because they are not supportive and don’t accurately reflect Autistic people’s abilities.

We focus our work on this demographic of Autistic people because there are little to no organisations that work solely for this purpose. Many Autism organisations will be aimed at children and families or adults with intellectual disabilities/high needs, this leaves our beneficiaries to either access services that are not appropriate for their capabilities or left with no support to turn to.

This blog is a compilation of our social media posts/resources as well as articles and reviews written by our staff. All these resources are aimed towards fulfilling the needs of those Autistic people left and fulfilling our
Charity Mission Statement: Going beyond the misconceptions of Autism Spectrum Conditions through Advocacy-Support-Connect

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