#AccessibleAcademia Transgender & Gender-diverse individuals & autism – Warrier et al 2020

#AccessibleAcademia Nothing about us without us Who: Warrier and colleagues Journal: Nature Communications Published: 2020 Title: Elevated rates of autism, other neurodevelopmental and psychiatric diagnoses, and autistic traits in transgender and gender-diverse individuals Transgender and gender-diverse individuals are 3-6x more likely to be autistic than cisgender individuals. This study used a massive sample of people,Continue reading “#AccessibleAcademia Transgender & Gender-diverse individuals & autism – Warrier et al 2020”

#AccessibleAcademia Raymaker et al Burnout

#AccessibleAcademia Autistic Nottingham Nothing About Us Without Us Who: Raymaker and colleagues Journal: Autism in Adulthood Published: 2020 Title: “Having all of your internal resources exhausted beyond measure and being left with no clean-up crew”: Defining Autistic Burnout. Life stressors (lead to) Cumulative load Barriers to support (lead to) Inability to obtain relief (leads to)Continue reading “#AccessibleAcademia Raymaker et al Burnout”

Stimming (Understanding Autism)

Autistic Nottingham Understanding Autism Stimming Stim is short for self-stimulatory behaviour. Stimming is an important part of autistic body language. It can look like fiddling, rocking, flapping, tapping, spinning, toe walking, and many more. Because we can get overwhelmed by unpredicted or complex sensory stimulation, stimming provides a predictable pattern of stimulation, which can beContinue reading “Stimming (Understanding Autism)”

#AccessibleAcademia Autism & Vaccine Hesitancy

#AccessibleAcademia Nothing About Us Without Us Full paper here: Who: Chang & Kochel Journal: Autism Research Published: May 2020 Title: Vaccine Hesitancy and Attributions for Autism among Racially and Ethnically Diverse Groups of Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Pilot Study Study: There is no link between autism and vaccines. This misconceptionContinue reading “#AccessibleAcademia Autism & Vaccine Hesitancy”

#AccessibleAcademia Autism & PTSD (Rumball et al, 2020) #AccessibleAcademia Nothing About Us Without Us Who: Rumball, Happe, Grey Journal: Autism Research Published: April 2020 Title: Experience of Trauma and PTSD Symptoms in Autistic Adults: Risk of PTSD Development Following DSM-5 and Non-DSM-5 Traumatic Life Events Study: The DSM-V defines specifically which events can lead to the development of PTSD. However, autists experienceContinue reading “#AccessibleAcademia Autism & PTSD (Rumball et al, 2020)”

#AccessibleAcademia autism & camouflaging (Hull et al, 2020) #AccessibleAcademia Nothing About Us Without Us Who: Hull, Petrides, Mandy Journal: Autism Research Published: October 2020 Title: Cognitive Predictors of Self-Reported Camouflaging in Autistic Adolescents Study: Camouflaging in autistic adolescents aged 13-18 without intellectual disabilities is related to executive functioning abilities, and is not related to age, IQ, or theory of mind. Camouflaging includes:Continue reading “#AccessibleAcademia autism & camouflaging (Hull et al, 2020)”

#AccessibleAcademia Autism & Suicidality (South et al, 2021)

#AccessibleAcademia nothing about us without us Who: South, Costa, & McMorrisJournal: JAMA Network OpenPublished: January 2021Title: Death by Suicide Among People With Autism: Beyond Zebrafish Study:Autistic people are 3x times more likely to attempt or die by suicide, at every age, from10 years oldwith female autists having a suicide risk of four times thatof males.Continue reading “#AccessibleAcademia Autism & Suicidality (South et al, 2021)”

#AccessibleAcademia autism & pregnancy

#AccessibleAcademiaNothing About Us Without Us Who: TurnerJournal: MIDIRS Midwifery DigestPublished: December 2017Title: Supporting women with autism during pregnancy, birth and beyond Study:This paper outlines ways in which autistic adults can be better supported through pregnancy and childbirth. Previous research found that autistic women had poorer pregnancy outcomes in terms of preterm births, emergency c-sections, lowContinue reading “#AccessibleAcademia autism & pregnancy”

#AccessibleAcademia Autism & Deception

Full paper here: #AccessibleAcademia Nothing about us without us Who: Lim, Young, & Brewer Journal: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders Published: 3 March 2021 Title: Autistic Adults May Be Erroneously Perceived as Deceptive and Lacking Credibility Study: This study wanted to see whether autistic people are seen as more deceptive and less credibleContinue reading “#AccessibleAcademia Autism & Deception”


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